Scottish Music

In modern Scotland there is a wide variety of modern music and some that is a local adaptation mixing the new with the old Celtic styles. For an overview of modern, folk, and classical music of Scotland see Wikipedia's Article on Scottish Music.
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A Selection of Modern Scottish Music
An assortment of songs from the 1960s to today of modern songs from singers, song writers, and bands with a Scottish origin.

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The Sounds of Scotland
— Dave's Favorite Music Selections

LISTEN to Dave's Sounds of Scotland Station on Pandora. A mix of modern and classic Bagpipe and Celtic folk music.
NOTE: I do not control the playlist entirely.


The Pipes were always calling...

Interesting enough, when I was a teen, not even knowing that I was Scottish at that time, I learned how to play the Scottish bagpipes because I had a love for their sound that cut to my soul. Since then I've always loved to listen to Scottish bagpipe music so much so I've always considered the Scottish bagpipes the heavenly instrument instead of the harp. Hey, that's how I always viewed it. It's an instrument if played right with the right song can still easily bring tears to my eyes. 

BELOW is a quick playlist of Scottish Bagpipes music for you to enjoy.