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Scotland is a land today that produces and enjoys more musical richness and variety than most countries, including it's own unique styles of pop, rock, classical, traditional, folk, and Celtic. Scotland has put its own unique stamp and style upon all music. Enjoy this page as a taste of Scotland. For an overview see Wikipedia's Article on Scottish Music.

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Scottish Bagpipes

There are 3 main types of Scottish Bagpipes:  FIRST, what most people consider to be "Scottish Bagpipes" are actually called Great Highland Bagpipes. They are normally played standing or marching and are the largest and loudest type with 3 drones (long pipes) over the left shoulder.  The SECOND type are from the Scottish Lowlands and Borderlands (with England). The modern version of these historical "Lowland Pipes" are called the Border Small Pipes. They are a smaller bag version of the Great Highland, are not as loud, and can also be played standing, marching or sitting. This modern version uses the same music and finger board as the Great Highland. Due to the smaller bag it takes less air and is filled by either a standard mouthpipe or a bellows under the right arm. Two main designs have the 3 drones in the classical "left shoulder" position and the other style laying across the chest or lap.  The THIRD type is the Scottish Small Pipes, which is normally played sitting and is sometimes called the "Lap Bagpipes" and is not as loud as the others. It is another "bellows-driven" and smaller bag instrument. The 3 drones lay across the chest or lap. It is more difficult to play. Plays and sounds more like a flute, has different tones and a longer finger board.  SEE ALSO: History of Bagpipes, Northumbrian Smallpipes, Uilleann pipes (Irish Pipes).

A short selection/playlist of Scottish Bagpipes Music

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The Pipes were always calling...

Interesting enough, when I was a teen, not even knowing that I was Scottish at that time, I learned how to play the Scottish (Great Highland) bagpipes because I had a love for their sound that cut to my soul. Since then I've always loved to listen to Scottish bagpipe music so much so I've always considered the Scottish bagpipes the heavenly instrument instead of the harp. Hey, that's how I always viewed it. It's an instrument if played right with the right song can still easily bring tears to my eyes.
- Dave Rogers


Scottish Pop and Rock Music

♦  Scottish Music Charts: Singles, Albums, About the Charts
BELOW is an assortment of hit songs from today back to the 1960s from singers, song writers, and bands with a Scottish origin.

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