Scottish History

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
— George Santayana
"People will not look forward to posterity (future generations),
who never look backward to their ancestors."

— Edmund Burke

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Videos on Scottish History 

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Videos on Ancient Scottish History
The further back in history one goes, in general it is harder to pinpoint certain truths beyond available historical records. You will find many connecting the dots between these records and this enters into an area of speculation and sometimes wishful thinking.  For example, some make the connection of the Celts to the lost tribes of Israel. I find that interesting but not overwhelming relevant due to the fact that since I am a follower of Jesus (Y'shua) I grafted into Israel as the Apostle Paul states and since God views and treats us all equally with the same standard. Also note that suggested timelines that go back beyond the time of Christ (BC/BCE) are speculated and still debated in academia, so don't put too much weight in ancient, ancient time dates. I do not necessarily agree with some of the conclusions in the videos below, but I present them here without further comment.

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