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Flower of Scotland (adopted National Anthem)
lyrics, about the song, Battle of Bannockburn
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Surprise! I'm Scottish! - Dave

I grew up hearing vague stories that we might be Irish and/or Scottish, but I was never told anything specific. In 2018, with the help of an uncle who did all the hard genealogy work for me, I found out the actual details of my Scottish ancestry.  All I can say is Wow! The details went back to the founding of Scotland (House of MacAlpin, Dunkeld, and Canmore), further back to include founding of the Kingdom of Dal Riata, and even more further back to the founding of ancient Ireland more than 1700 years BC. Wow! The news was like being hit by a truck... in a good way - LOL - it was very impactful and a major event in my life. More about Dave.

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The Scottish Independence Movement
One of the most fascinating and inspiring current political and historical events currently taking place in Scotland is the resurgence of a movement for independence from England as being a part of a United Kingdom.  I can say that as a Scottish-American I am proud of the awakening that is happening politically in Scotland. Every people, every nation, have a duty to govern themselves in order to provide the best government for their people.  This is a right and it is a duty.

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